Putting Children First

When child abuse is disclosed, you may wonder where to turn, how the legal process works and how your family will be supported during an investigation. The Children’s Advocacy Center of Pierce County provides a child-focused, safe place for families to get help.

We work in partnership with the Mary Bridge Child Abuse Intervention Department and other organizations to prevent, investigate, prosecute and treat child abuse. We serve children from birth through age 17 who are victims of suspected abuse or neglect and their families.

Our center is recognized by the National Children’s Alliance and Children’s Advocacy Centers of Washington State.

Training – Protecting Your Children: Advice from Child Molesters

This is a two-hour training facilitated by social workers employed by the Children’s Advocacy Center of Pierce County.  The intent of this training is to prevent child sexual abuse by increasing community awareness of the dynamics and prevalence of child sexual abuse.  The purpose to help adults become better equipped to protect their own children and family and become a better educated and alert community member. This curriculum was modified from a training created by Cory Jewell Jensen who spent thirty-five years providing treatment to convicted child molesters in Oregon.


Where to Find Us

We are located in the Safe and Sound Building on the MultiCare campus in Tacoma.

Our child-friendly atmosphere provides family with a calm and supportive environment. Featuring a large fish tank, our lobby is full of children’s books, movies and toys.