What is a Children’s Advocacy Center?
A safe, child-friendly facility where professionals guide families through what happens after allegations of abuse and connect to resources that help with healing after trauma.

Why is my child coming to the Children’s Advocacy Center?
Your child is coming to the CAC because a referral was made on their behalf. The CAC model helps reduce how many times children are asked about what happened or have a medical exam. We partner with community professionals to serve and support your family. These may include Law Enforcement, Child Protective Services, Prosecuting Attorneys, Victim Advocates, Social Workers, Medical Providers and Mental Health Professionals.

Who can attend the appointment?
You, your child, and a supportive adult may attend the appointment. In the forensic interview, it will just be your child and the interviewer in the room. In the medical exam, your child can choose who they want with them in the room.

What is the goal of the appointment?
To find out what happened, work with community partners, provide reassurance to your child that their body is healthy and they are safe, and to provide support and resources for you and your family.

How to I contact someone at the Children’s Advocacy Center?
The phone number is 253-403-1478