What is a forensic interview?

A forensic interview is a formal investigative interview aimed at gathering reliable information. If a forensic interview of a child ages 3-17 is requested by Law Enforcement, this will be completed by a trained Child Forensic Interviewer.

What do I tell my child about the forensic interview?

Inform your child that he or she will be meeting with someone to talk about what happened to them.  Assure your child that you will accompany him or her to the CAC, but that he or she will be talking alone to a kind and safe person who listens to children.  You can encourage your child to talk about what happened, but do not prompt them about what to say and do not promise them a reward.  Tell your child the interview will be observed by a person or two who need to know what is said and that the interview will be video recorded but kept as private as possible.

Who will my child talk to during a forensic interview?

Your child will talk to a child forensic interviewer.  The interviewer has specific training and experience in asking children about alleged abuse.  The interviewer’s goal is to make your child as comfortable as possible while gathering information for the investigation.  Your child will talk to the interviewer in a room with video cameras.  The assigned investigators (law enforcement and CPS if they are involved) will observe from a separate room.