Who We Are:

Our team includes forensic interviewers, investigators, social workers, medical staff, victim advocates, mental health providers and representatives from the following groups:

  • Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital
  • Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office
  • Attorney General’s Office
  • Local Law Enforcement
  • Child Protective Services
  • Rebuilding Hope! The Sexual Assault Center for Pierce County

By working together as a team, our goal is to make the process as simple and supportive as possible for children while increasing the rate of successful investigation and prosecution of abuse.

What We Do:

Children’s Advocacy Center of Pierce County Mission Statement:

To reduce the traumatization and enhance safety of child abuse victims and their families by facilitating a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to prevention, investigation, prosecution and treatment of child abuse.

The expected outcome of this multi-disciplinary team approach will be a reduction in the number of interviews of the victim, more consistent and skilled provision of services, increased efficiency and success in prosecution, reduced duplication efforts by community agencies, and protection of child victims

We place the needs of children first. Early intervention not only aids an investigation but also makes it possible for recovery to begin. Here’s how we help families:

  • Conduct joint interviews, which reduces the number of interviews a child must endure to complete an investigation.
  • Provide referrals to investigative parties as well as healthcare providers.
  • Facilitate access to support services immediately following a disclosure of abuse.

We also believe it’s important to promote child safety by educating the community about child abuse issues. We provide training for those who work with children and the professionals who help victims of abuse.