To report child abuse call
1-866-END-HARM (363-4276).

The types of cases calling for CAC involvement include the following:

  • Cases involving sexual abuse
  • Cases involving commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC)
  • Cases involving online sexual exploitation
  • Cases involving child death
  • Cases involving moderate to severe physical abuse requiring immediate medical attention:
    • Head trauma
    • Unexplained abdominal injuries, and ruptured organs
    • Unexplained or multiple fractures, or fractures in various stages of healing
    • Suspicious burns or burns consistent with abuse
    • Lacerations to the face, genitalia or extremities
    • Multiple bruises/lesions on different parts of the child’s body
    • Injuries resulting in significant sight, hearing or mental impairment; or
    • Neglect resulting in any of the above injuries
    • Any action that interrupts/stops the child’s breathing by any mechanism.
    • Bruising or injuries to an infant or child who is not mobile
  • Cases involving suspected medical child abuse (formerly known as Munchausen by Proxy and Pediatric Factitious Disorder)

A referral to the CAC for a child forensic interview should be made when one or more of the following conditions are present:

  • A clear disclosure of sexual abuse or felony physical abuse
  • A child has witnessed a violent crime
  • A confession by the alleged suspect
  • The event has been witnessed or recorded

CAC Referral Forms

Pierce County Law Enforcement and CPS Only

IMPORTANT: Please do not complete referral forms until the assigned investigator information is known for all involved parties.

If you would like to make a referral to the CAC based on the  listed criteria, chose from the options below.

Referral forms are password protected for CPS and law enforcement professionals.

To request your login access, please contact the CAC Coordinator at (253) 403-7899.